Attakulla (Mt Michell)

Our next walk with Bituatîs takes us to Attakulla Attakulla – Ata-gul is a Cherokee word, I’m still trying to find the meaning of the name. I know it has something to do with Wood.  Attakulla one of my favorite places to go; this is the highest point in Eastern North America, standing tall atContinue reading “Attakulla (Mt Michell)”

Craggy Pinnacle

Craggy Pinnacle is located north of Asheville on the Blueridge parkway around milepost 364.1. It’s a 5,892-ft summit to the top. This is part of the Craggy Gardens area in the Pisgah National forest. This is a straightforward hike and a short hike to get to the summit. It can be 20 degrees or soContinue reading “Craggy Pinnacle”

Modern Druidry 101 (Revival Druidry)

What is Druidry? That is a question with many answers; there is a saying ask 3 Druids what Druidry is you will get 4 answers. Druidry can be a religion, it can be a spirituality, it can be a way of life, or it can be all of those together. However, at its core, itContinue reading “Modern Druidry 101 (Revival Druidry)”