Into the well, Out into the valley

The story below describes a journey of Death, Rebirth, and Life. This is the transmigration of the Soul, a vital part of Druidicos (Druidic thought) and Galatis thought. Of course, many might have different poetic ways of describing all this.Sucellos does his workings within the Earth for Nantosuelta to bring it from the Earth. ThereContinue reading “Into the well, Out into the valley”

Anation (soul) Part 1 – Ouion Natracos (Snake Egg)

This is a heavily pondered topic with many ideas on what the Ouion Natracos (Snake egg) is and it’s meaning. Some modern folks suggest all kinds of things, and they are of value. Well, some are. We will explore a little of this. We will start with the attested documentation from Pliny. There is alsoContinue reading “Anation (soul) Part 1 – Ouion Natracos (Snake Egg)”