Invocation to Gwydion

I invoke Gwydion The one born of Trees Great weaver of the unseen Master of trickery and phrase Advisor of the way Wise Druid of old I look to your great fortress in the stars I give offering and thanks to you I ask for your insights on this day Cheer to you Thanks to youContinue reading “Invocation to Gwydion”

Gortiâ Artuânon

I have a deep passion for Cemeteries, and I love to go and read the names on the markers (Gravestone). I love to pick up trash and just the general vibe I get being in them. It helps me to gather energy there. It is the most sacred space on earth. I always wanted toContinue reading “Gortiâ Artuânon”

Ritual/Altar/Shrines/Rites 101

This article will be slightly different from my others as this does not directly relate to Druid or Gaulish thought. The aim here is to help out the newcomers to understand the basics. This is not intended for those that already know. This write-up is to help one understand the very basics of rituals, rites,Continue reading “Ritual/Altar/Shrines/Rites 101”