The Rays of Awen

As A Druid, I connect a lot to what we call Awen. Awen is considered a force that can flow through anyone open to receiving it, and it helps to inspire creativity, insight, and spiritual illumination. It is also seen as a way of connecting with the natural world and the cycles of the seasonsContinue reading “The Rays of Awen”

To Hekate

This write-up differs from any of my others as this is not about Gaul, Druids, or any other topics I usually write about. This is a gift for my beautiful wife, which you can find her blog over at the Herbal Alter. She is a devotee of Hekate and has been building a relationship withContinue reading “To Hekate”

Menman Alisiâs (Memory of Alesia) Rite

One will need to be outside or in an area with plenty of space to move around.You will need 10 Candles, 4 for the Directions, 4 for People, 1 for the Ancestors, and 1 for the center.One will need offerings, Whatever you feel is appropriate. Opening the Nemeton The Druið opens the Nemeton and callsContinue reading “Menman Alisiâs (Memory of Alesia) Rite”

Cantos Anextlon /Sphere of Protection

This will not be about learning the SOP (Sphear of protection), just my version. There are plenty of places to learn about it. I will have links at the end. I have not changed much, as the format and basic layout resonate with me greatly. I only added a Gaulish twist to reflect my customsContinue reading “Cantos Anextlon /Sphere of Protection”

Modern Druidry 101 (Revival Druidry)

What is Druidry? That is a question with many answers; there is a saying ask 3 Druids what Druidry is you will get 4 answers. Druidry can be a religion, it can be a spirituality, it can be a way of life, or it can be all of those together. However, at its core, itContinue reading “Modern Druidry 101 (Revival Druidry)”