The Druið and Belinos

One Dêuos seems to be very important to the Senogalatis and mainly to the Neo Druids today more than the Gaulish Pagans. I’m speaking of Belinos. Strangely, his worship is not more widespread among us Galatis. Which I find odd, but I never gave him devotion until a few months back. The Name His nameContinue reading “The Druið and Belinos”

More On Drunemeton

(Updated) We now have a website, Drunemeton.  A word I, Branos am not the leader of Drunemeton; I am but a Raven on one of the mighty branches within Drunemeton. I am the keeper and the watcher to ensure that the path doesn’t get lost. There can be no leader, as it would defeat the purposeContinue reading “More On Drunemeton”

Uâtis Studies – Samolouissus Gaulish Herb List

Samolouissus – Plant Knowledge Below is a list of herbs, our Senogalatis and Senodruides used. We are unsure exactly how the Gauls utilized some of these. Did the Gauls use them how Dioscorides, Pliny, Marcellus Empiricus, and others lay out how to use each herb? I would think it would be in the same realmContinue reading “Uâtis Studies – Samolouissus Gaulish Herb List”


We now have a website Drunemeton.  All my stuff relates to Druids and Gaul. More specifically, to the Senodruides (Ancient Druides). I have a deep fire within that drives me to reconstruct, reconnect, and revisioning a modern-day Order for the Bardoi, Uâtîs, and Drûides. There is a lot to be done here still.  Each oneContinue reading “Drunemeton”

Inscrîbatus of the Bardos, Uātis, and Druið

The image above is a modified version of a snake from a coin found in the Carnutes territory. It represents the rebirth and renewal of the Bardos, Uātis, and Druið traditions of Gaul into the Modern age. The three eggs are added to represent the three traditions. Inscrîbatus (Sigil, Mark) I created for the GaulishContinue reading “Inscrîbatus of the Bardos, Uātis, and Druið”