(Hall of Gods)

The Goddess and Gods of the Gauls (Gods that are indigenous to Continental Celtic speaking people but also gods they adopted from trade, cultural exchanges, and so on).

The images are my interpretations of the Dêuoi (Gods). I will constantly be adding to the list in time. In the descriptions of the Individual Dêuoi, I will have Historical Information and at the same time not to make it drawn out, Short and simple is the key here. A basic understanding to help create an idea and starting point for yourself for personal worship or just for Historical Knowledge. I will also have my idea of each god as well I will state Personal Gnosis before I go into my ideas and beliefs about them so as not to confuse the reader. The Dêuoi are many. Some Tribal, Regional, and Continental some adopted from other places. There are many Dêuoi with the same Attributes but different names. If you are drawn to these Dêuoi don’t think you must worship them all or like how other people view them. Reconstruct Revision them for your selves but at the same time understanding where they came from. When it comes to understanding the Dêuoi one must understand the world they are from.