This section will focus on some of the Tribes and the Deuoi of those tribes. This will not be all about each Deuoi as in going into there functions and all that. Some I will go into a bit of, but this is for those who would like to do further research to get to a place to start building a relationship with them. I will provide Inscriptions locations and translations when I can and a little bit of History for said Tribe. Some of these Articles we will have a lot some will not as we only have so much Information. These articles below will be more Academic based and focused on that not so much Personal Gnosis or any of that.

Note that it is not a solid this Deuoi is here or there, as just because we don’t have concrete evidence or a location of a Deuoi doesn’t mean said Tribe did not have said Deuoi. Many things were destroyed and are no longer in our reach—some Tribes were part of others. Tribes would be significant at one point and more minor at another. Some tribes of what we can find might have many Deuoi, and others nearby might have two Deuoi, most likely some of those Deuoi were part of that Tribe aswell.

Now, most of this research is digging into different Epigraphic Databases, Museums, old papers, and looking at maps. It takes a lot of time to translate things into English. All one needs is a name for a Tribe and a Dêuoi.

Touta will be added slowly.

Lets begin grab your shovel and pick and lets try to illuminate.

  • Albici
    Albici (Those of the white) The Albici was a Celto-Ligurian group of peoples located in Northern Italy/ South Eastern Gaul… Read more Albici
    Next Up Will be The Bituriges Tribe