The Witch’s Runes are a set of symbols used as an oracle. (They’re unrelated to the Norse runes and other archaic alphabets.) These symbols are pictographs that represent Gods, Elements, Seasons, human functions, and so on.

Symbolism is an important part of the Human Experience we tend to connect feelings and Functions to an image.

These images help us connect to evoking a higher function.

Since we are dealing with an evolving, folk magick system, there are no authoritative texts on the Witch’s Runes. There are a few different versions of the Runes sets containing 8, 10, or 13 tiles. (The Meanings vary too, depending on who you ask. Also, the images can vary)

Connect to a feeling or ask a question that you would like insight on

Cast all the Runes at one time

Now a rune is only counted in your reading if it falls face up

The Rune farthest from you is your leading rune the most important rune

If all runes are cast and are all facedown you are not meant to know the Question you ask

We will be focusing on the 13 Witches Runes

Woman Rune-This represents the woman. The rune applies to healing and domestic arts.

Man Rune

Harvest Rune

Crossroad Rune

Star Rune

Waves Rune

Scythe Rune

Eye Rune

Sune Rune

Moon Rune

Flight Rune

Rings Rune

Romance Rune