Invocation to Divitiacus

Uediâ (Invocation)I invoke DivitiacusThe one who is namedWise Druits and Uercobretos of the AeduiGreat guide of the motions of the cosmosMaster to that which is hiddenServant to the peaceI give offering and thanks to youAdbertâ (Offering)I ask for your great wisdom to help guide me in my Uissus DruidicosThanks to youCheer to youI praise youContinue reading “Invocation to Divitiacus”

Inscrîbatus of the Bardos, Uātis, and Druið

The image above is a modified version of a snake from a coin found in the Carnutes territory. It represents the rebirth and renewal of the Bardos, Uātis, and Druið traditions of Gaul into the Modern age. The three eggs are added to represent the three traditions. Inscrîbatus (Sigil, Mark) I created for the GaulishContinue reading “Inscrîbatus of the Bardos, Uātis, and Druið”

Druid Appellation

The purpose of this labeling is to help one another understand where one is coming from in their explanation and talking about the Druids in their practice. I see a lot of misunderstanding among folks, even heated discussions when talking about Druids of today to ancient Druids from Gaul to Ireland. So reconstruction/re-visioning of theContinue reading “Druid Appellation”

Modern Druidry 101 (Revival Druidry)

What is Druidry? That is a question with many answers; there is a saying ask 3 Druids what Druidry is you will get 4 answers. Druidry can be a religion, it can be a spirituality, it can be a way of life, or it can be all of those together. However, at its core, itContinue reading “Modern Druidry 101 (Revival Druidry)”