Awaken with Belinos

Gaulish Druidism, Gaulish Polytheism

The Dêuoi are not only reachable around an altar or shrine; rather, they are reachable in every aspect of our lives. I take more of an animistic approach to the Dêuoi, which means I often sit under a tree or by a mountain stream and talk with them. For me, this is more a connection than a Rite. The Rites, for me, are celebrating the Dêuoi and not the only way to connect to them.

The Senogalatis have sent me on a devotional path of Dêuocariâ piety. Living in the moment with them, hearing what they are saying as the leaves sing in the breeze, and being connected to the cosmos around the self are the teachings they teach me.

The Dêuoi do not lay in idols or temples. Sure, one can connect to them as those things are symbols for us to connect with, but the Dêuoi are all around us, and within us, they make up the fabric of all there is and is not.

Strict discipline is critical to be one with Tricaddontoi (Three Sacred Ways). Within this, we have 

Dêuontos – “Way of the Dêuoi”
Anationtos – “Way of Souls”
Biuontos – “Way of Living”

You can read more about this here Tricaddontoi 

I start my morning with a meditation with Belinos to help align me with the energies he is teaching me to connect with on my path. To be filled with the sublime warmth of his embrace is a great gift. This helps me to be focused and ready to go about my day.

Find a place to sit facing east during the sunrise. 
Site with legs crossed, arms spread out to the sky
Focus on the warm rays of the sun.
Focus on the light of the sundrops.
Focus on the healing this is giving you.

As you do this, imagine the currents flowing through your hands, now slowly bringing your harms and hands down to your lap with your palms up, crossing over each other.

Say this Galatis Style, Inti Edoni (shape of the verse) below.

Belinos, brighten
Warming ways 
Healing Harmony

Say this chant three times.
Belinos, Tessis (Warmth)
Belinos, Leucos (Light)
Belinos, Slanosagiet (Heal)

One can do this any time throughout the day.

You can find out more about Belinos below
Belenos Inscriptions

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